In 2008 our all three units come under one roof i.e. Baba Mallesherwar Group of Companies. The three companies are 1. Baba Malleshwar Rice Mill Pvt.Ltd. 2. United Agritech Pvt. Ltd., 3. Baba Malleshwar Agro Products Pvt. Ltd. Our group has launched new unit in 2017 Baba Malleshwar Oils Pvt. Ltd. The journey which has started from a rice mill that has become of the finest paddy processing unit which produces quality rice, rice bran de oil & other agro products which are exported to South East Asian and West African countries. Baba Malleshwar rice mill always welcomes and embrace new way and technology to increase production capacity and maintain superior quality.


In the year 1993 Mr. Anil Kumar Roy established Baba Malleshwar Rice Mill Pvt Ltd. beside G.T. Road (Now which is N.H.2) at Goligram, Galsi Block, Burdwan district. The total Area of the rice mill was 10 acres with manpower of 30. Initial production of Baba Malleshwar Rice Mill was 60 tons per Day. Presently the production capacity is 250 tons per day & total manpower is 150. Baba Malleshwar Rice mill has trained, skilled and experienced R&D team a testing lab with the latest technology from satake of Japan. We ensure that the end product we offer is of the highest quality. We have the processing plant conforming to international standards. Our rice mill in Galsi is one of largest plant in Burdwan district, West Bengal. Our manufacturing & processing infrastructure encompasses mills, factories, testing labs and a huge warehousing facility that is spread over a vast area. Our mills' infrastructure includes 30 acres of land and storage capacity of 125000 metric tons. All our warehouses are fully covered and weatherproof. Our paddy dying capacity is 120 metric tons. This unit has run by two directors Tarun Kanti Roy & Tapas Kanti Roy in the leadership of group Managing Director Tapan Kumar Roy. Baba rice mill has also introduced a brand name; BABABHOG. The brand has three variant- Best choice, Everyday & Economic.


Our unit was established, by injecting courage to a dream, hoping for a brighter day for the agricultural industry. United Agritech Pvt. Ltd established in the year 1997, initial production capacity was 40 tons per day. We have seen success by bravely going through ups and downs in the agricultural industry for the past rough years. We all know that rice is the staple food of our beautiful land of Bengal, where at least one key meal is dedicated to a plate full of rice that satiates the burning hunger of millions of Bengalis. Being one of the most nourishing cereal grains grown on this earth, rice crowns the glory of most widely feasted staple food, by the major part of world’s population. We have trained, skilled and experienced R&D team, a testing lab with the latest technology from Satake of Japan. We ensure that the end product we offer is of the highest quality. We have the processing plant conforming to international standards. In addition, the Company’s products have been granted by APDEA (Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority) Government of India. We are also holding FSSAI license under FSS Act, 2006 of the Government of India. United Agritech has two directors’ a. Sri Tarun Kanti Roy & b. Sri Tapas Kanti Roy & their leadership gives us enormous confidence to launch the brand “BABAGOLD”. The brand is targeted to the middle and lower income group. Rice is superior quality silky sortex rice which is processed under hygienic and by sophisticated machinery. The brand Babagold is very much famous in the local market. It has smooth and silky texture, Babagold rice available in 25 kg plastic woven bags which is most accepted bag size in the market. The brand has three variants a. Babagold Swarna, b. Babagold Rupali c. Babagold IR36.


In the year 2007 Baba Malleshwar Argo product has started its operation. The main purpose of the company was producing & promoting rice bran oil, during the polishing process of the rice, a unique vegetable oil rich in antioxidants produced from the outer layer of rice is what we called Rice bran oil (RBO). The studies around the globe have confirmed the cholesterol-lowering properties due to the presence of unique nutraceutical in this oil known as oryzanol & tocotrienols. The crude rice bran oil is mainly composed of glycerides (80%) while phospholipids, glycolipids, free fatty acids, and waxes are also present in less quantity. The company is headed by five women directors. Sandhyarani Roy, Saradamoni Roy, Mitali Roy, Manasi Roy & Rita Jash. As the directors are women they know the value of edible oil and its potentiality as cooking oil. The RBO is rich source of antioxidants especially phytochemical oryzanol, tocopherols, and tocotrienols which contribute to higher oxidative stability and longer shelf life than other edible oils. Baba Malleshwar agro product has started exporting the Indian de oil rice bran in south-east Asian counties. The production capacity of Baba Malleshwar agro product Was 125 tons per day in 2007 now it has doubled its production capacity to 250 tons per day. Our rice bran de oil is exported to Vietnam, Cambodia, and other South East Asian counties.


Baba Malleshwar Group starts it Oil division “Baba Malleshwar Oils Pvt. Ltd.” In 2017. It produces and refines rice bran oil from de-oiled bran. The company is one of largest rice bran refinery and oil producer. The daily oil production capacity is 500 litters and exported to South East Asian countries. Baba Malleshwar Oils Pvt.Ltd. Is planning to launch a new rice bran oil brand very soon. The utmost priority of the company is to produce and promoting rice bran oil to Indian household.